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How much do you pay to see a film in the cinema these days

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I do not go to the cinema as i find it far to expensive i prefer to stay in and watch a film so because i havent been to the cinema i know my freind still goes sometimes and he will easily pay around 10 pounds to get in Smile



Now I have my Odeon card I tend to go quite a bit. Rarely used to go because of the price. I think it is £8.50 to see a film now. I don't buy drinks/snacks as they usually end up costing more than the ticket!



Yeh I agree Stormrider. Prices are outrageous at the Odeon. I don't mind paying it thought cause I don't go too often and I do love their salted popcorn Smile


I rarely go to the theater, no real reasons, I'm just too lazy to go. I paid $9 to watch the Hunger Games which was the last movie I saw in theaters.


9$ Think thats around 5 or 6 pounds, not too bad.

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